Menopause Yoga


Are you feeling anxious, irritable or suffering mood swings? Are you having trouble sleeping? Maybe you are getting hot flashes or having night sweats. Or are you having brain fog and poor concentration? Did you know around the age of 35yrs onwards hormone levels decrease. As you transition through perimenopause into menopause you are possibly going to experience the effects of lower progesterone and oestrogen. Other symptoms include poor libido, bloating, weight-gain, dry skin, vaginal dryness, or just feeling low in energy and lacking vitality.

Menopause Yoga can support women through education, specially adapted yoga breathing and mindful meditation practices whether you choose to supplement in HRT or not.

Menopause Yoga Workshops are full of information and tips about natural remedies, nutrition, hormone replacement therapy, self-care and sex and libido.

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